Amazing Difference

Gordon & Francis

My husband and I purchased our two story home in 2006. We thought that because it was a new home that our heating and cooling system was efficient. Soon after we moved in we noticed that the upstairs and downstairs would heat and cool at different temperatures. You could feel the change in temperature about half way down the stairs, it was more than noticeable! It could be short sleeve temperature upstairs and sweater temperature down. This was very frustrating when trying to get a comfortable temperature for our home.

I approached Mr. Stroup at Building Energy with my problem. We met at my home and he was very knowledgeable about what my home needed to become a high efficiency system. He showed us the problem and then we had them make the corrections needed to make the home more comfortable. The difference the changes made is amazing. The two levels of the home are now the same temperature and our home is finally comfortable!

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