HERS Certificate

To ensure that you have received a valid certificate from an energy rater in good standing, visit


Your HERS certificate should contain comprehensive information similar to  what is shown in the two page certification below:

HERS Cert pg1

HERS Cert p2

Multi-Family Testing

home Building Energy has the staff, equipment and experience to test and verify Multi-Family projects. We provide independent energy code testing as required by the IECC and also certify ENERGY STAR/Green projects for utility incentive programs and Tax Credits... (read more)


TRM, Eagle, ID
"From my personal experience, anyone building a home or wanting to decrease existing home utility costs should only select Building Energy to audit, oversee and test contractors’ work, and ensure contractors follow specifications. If you are building a new home, make sure your Builder contracts Building Energy as part of the construction process..." (read more)

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