Building Energy offers energy testing, auditing, and thermography services for both existing and new commercial construction.

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New Commercial Construction
Services for new light commercial construction include energy modeling, energy code inspections and air balancing. Learn More

Existing Commercial Buildings
Existing buildings that are being renovated or upgraded will require energy code inspections and testing. Building Energy can provide testing and audit services for light commercial projects. Learn more

Multi-Family Testing

home Building Energy has the staff, equipment and experience to test and verify Multi-Family projects. We provide independent energy code testing as required by the IECC and also certify ENERGY STAR/Green projects for utility incentive programs and Tax Credits... (read more)


TRM, Eagle, ID
"From my personal experience, anyone building a home or wanting to decrease existing home utility costs should only select Building Energy to audit, oversee and test contractors’ work, and ensure contractors follow specifications. If you are building a new home, make sure your Builder contracts Building Energy as part of the construction process..." (read more)

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