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Just wanted to let you know, again, how pleased we are with our home.  Our decision to purchase an Energy Star home in the Villas at Banbury Meadows was greatly influenced by not only the quality of the home, but the many extra features built into it.  None was more important than having the Energy Star rating.  We feel the Energy Star program is not only allowing us to help the environment but also saving us down the road in ever increasing energy costs.

I’ve done a comparison of the energy costs in our new home for the past winter and the costs in our previous home for the winter of 2006-2007.  Our previous home was 1850 sqft and our current home is 2650 sqft.  Additionally, our new home has nine and ten foot ceilings while our previous home had eight foot ceilings in all the rooms but the great room and the kitchen which was vaulted to twelve feet.  We are heating far more cubic feet of air in the home than in our previous one.  Our last house was built in 1988 and we installed a new 90% gas furnace in the fall of 2006.  The insulation package in the previous home was R-13 walls and R-30 in the ceiling.  Below is a summary of our energy bills in the two homes:

  Previous Home Energy Star Home
  Winter of 06-07 Winter 07-08
November $172.65 $103.90
December $179.03 $132.09
January $214.15 $115.57
Febuary $133.29 $69.88
Totals $699.12 $321.44

As you can see our gas bills are only 46% of what they were in our old home.  If the isn’t a convincing argument for Energy Star, I don’t know what is!

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